I know you’re not supposed to apologize for not keeping up with a blog, but I have a reason I haven’t been keeping up with my blog and she’s a very cute one! My current work in progress is adjusting to being the mother of two instead of one.

Mara and Nia, holding hands

Almost a month ago, we met six-year-old Nia, whose foster family was going to be closing their home. About three weeks ago, she moved in with us. She’s about an inch taller than four-year-old Mara and they’re very similar in temperament and interests. They’re both sweet, sensitive, curious, funny. It’s been such a pleasure to get to know Nia and see her open up to us. There’s a higher-than-usual chance she’ll be with us forever, but it’s also quite possible she’ll go to a relative in the state across the river in a few months or perhaps that she’ll someday get to go home. Living with that sort of uncertainty can be hard and weird, but I mostly handle it fine.

I’m still working on hand quilting Mara’s spider/ladybug quilt and hope to finish it soon, because that means I can get started on one for Nia, too. I’m thinking I’ll get a yard and a half of one of the Anna Maria Horner voiles and piece a back out of solid linen blends, hand quilt with perle cotton again, and use the pieced back as a foldover binding so I can practice something new. (All of this is new to me, I realize, but I’m trying to learn and improve!)

Mara and my partner Lee leave today for a lake cottage vacation with my family, and Nia and I will follow next week when I can get a break from work. I’d thought it would be good for the girls to have some time apart after all their time together, but Nia was sobbing last night about how much she’ll miss Mara. Maybe I’d better go buy a bit of fabric this weekend and get started on her project while I’m relaxing on the beach. She deserves some extra snuggles in her life.

All this gives me a chance to talk about how moved I was by The Siblings Together quilting project this spring/early summer. Nia doesn’t have any siblings, though she’s started to refer to Mara that way. Mara, though, has four older siblings who live with one aunt and a little sibling with another. As we deal with her grandmother’s recent death, we’re spending more time with Mara’s family. We first got in touch with them last fall, just before her adoption was finalized, and it’s meant the world to her to get to spend time every month or so with kids who look like her, who share some of her quirks, who understand how and why she misses her parents. Post-adoption contact is not common in adoptions from foster care in our area, but I’m a huge advocate for it because I’ve seen how much it means to all the kids in Mara’s family.

I wasn’t a good enough or quick enough to get a quilt done for Siblings Together, but I’m doing what I can for the quasi-siblings here in my home. Maybe next year we’ll be settled and I’ll be ready to quilt a little less selfishly, but fostering means you never really know what the future will hold! I’m just glad that for now there are two little laughs in the piano house, twice the dirty laundry and twice the fun.