I’ve got a ton of piecing projects in the works, but I just put my first quilting project on my hoop last night after winning the battle with the spray-basted parts and it’s basically a whole-cloth quilt. It’s for Mara, who’s 4 and who’s been cuddling under the individual top and bottom of the quilt already, so I know I have her approval.

Here’s what’s going on now: hand quilting around spiderwebs on a quilt

For now, I’m just outlining each spider web, but I wonder if that’s drawing attention away from the print and I’d be better off doing something like intersecting lines with small thread rather than the perle cotton I’m using now. Does this look awful? I mean, awful in a bad way that will make it inappropriate for a 4-year-old’s quilt? Hmm, that’s not a very high bar, really, and maybe I ought to get awful out of the way from the start.

The back (or front, depending on how you want to look at it) is one big piece of orange fabric with ladybugs on it: bright orange fabric with ladybugs

I have no idea why I would have bought two yards of orange ladybug fabric before I had a kid or sewed, but when I found it in a box upstairs I knew it would be perfect for Mara, who dressed as a ladybug in both her Halloweens with us. When I found the Eric Carle Very Busy Spider fabric at Fat Quarter Shop I knew that even though the colors were very different, the feel was perfect to match them up. Of course, I hadn’t measured my ladybugs, which turned out to be much wider than the standard 44/45″ and so I cut the bottom 18 inches or so off the Spider side and English paper pieced bits of it (large rectangles, so I made straight edges by using scrap paper) to the side to make it big enough to fit better. I also used the selvedge printing to make a little letter I appliqued on to mark it as Mara’s, though I stupidly didn’t take a picture of that yet. I’m not sure how big the quilt has ended up being, but it should be close to square and plenty big for even my lanky girl to play on or under it.

Anyway, I know I don’t really have readers yet, but if any want to weigh in on whether this quilting is atrocious or adorable, I’d love to have some input!