I had always wanted to live in a house with a tower and there are in fact houses with turrets on our block, but I prefer the house we got to those houses anyway. I have a room on the top floor that’s going to be our guest room but is also my spot for bookshelves and all my yarn and my suddenly growing fabric stash and a lovely table by the amazing window that cranks open where I can sit and write.

Since people are going to sleep there someday, though, I wanted to make sure there was enough privacy to allow for undressing or for ignoring some of the persistent morning sun. First Jeni announced a sale on bundles of vintage sheets in her etsy store and then I realized PaperPieces.com was having a hexagon sale, so the next thing I knew I had supplies jetting my way to make me part of Clare‘s summertime piece and love hexathon.

curtain made by English paper piecing with 3-inch hexagons of vintage sheets

I’m not sure if I’ll actually finish the mirrored pair to this first curtain this weekend, but I’m very close to getting there and just need to put in a bit of time. I had two sets of fat quarters that were duplicates, which gave me enough to make the top row and the half-hexagons along the sides for both curtains. Then from each fat quarter in the color scheme I’d chosen (all with some blue in them except that pink at the bottom, which came in because it turned out I’d misplaced four blue hexagons and then when I found them yesterday it was far too late) I cut out the largest even number of hexagons I could, anywhere between two and six. These hexagons are three inches on a side, which seems ridiculously indulgent after the smaller piecing I’ve been doing, but works well with the larger prints of the vintage sheets.

Next week begins Handstitching class, so I’ll probably post about that next and get a flickr page for my blog identity together. Maybe I’ll even do it from my cheerful little garret where these curtains will flap gaily in the breeze. At least I know enough about my blogging trends to hedge my promises.